Stepping into Zion – Vol 1

First up on our mix series, where we tiptoe around the 140bpm mark.Celebrating tunes that have influenced us and new music that we’ve been feeling recently Bringing you a mash up of Dubwise goodness featuring; Alborosie, Radikal Guru, Digital Mystikz et al. Mash that follow button for more!

Indigenous Stories: Jesse

It fills my cup connecting with indigenous people from other cultures and bearing witness to their generational knowledge. This is Jesse Chayaakewe’ Drescher His mother is Tongva, who are Mission Indians (Native American) in LA county, and Rarámuri from Chihuahua, Mexico.Jesse embraces both sides of his family, which includes his European-American heritage on his fathers…

Curry Gang x Nani Walks

I hit up Nirvana Singh about doing a shoot that celebrates South Asian diaspora in NZ. Showcasing our uniqueness and also our commonalities within the walls of this western society. Nirvana took the idea and ran with it . Our shoot titled, “Nani Walks” is dedicated to our mothers, sisters, aunties and every South Asian womxn….

Infrequent Flyer meets Khiva & Sepia

I am extremely privileged to hang out with some of the biggest names in the bass music genre and this is a highlight.   Regardless of the fact that I was extremely hungover from their show the previous night, we were still able to connect from the jump. Khiva and Sepia blessed the studio with…

Infrequent Flyer meets Lady Shaka

Lady Shaka has been smashing out sets in London – where she is currently based. From NZ with Cabo Verde blood – she smashes out one of the most diverse and vibrant sets I’ve heard in a long time. Watch the video here Soundcloud link below  

Infrequent Flyer meets QBacca

Bass music heavyweight Qbacca joined us to talk about the evolution of garage and bass music in the UK with an exclusive mix. Peep it.

Infrequent Flyer x Rasta Dubs

Raggastep or Reggaestep is a fusion of reggae and dubstep with a heavy dub influence. In my coming of age as a MC and DJ this is the only shit I used to bump. At the time it was hard to find online because it was online available on vinyl. But now I have the…

Infrequent Flyer’s Guide to the Jungle

Before drum and bass there was jungle; and with Jamaican diaspora came Ragga-Jungle. This playlist is dedicated to that very sound that inspired generations after!  

Infrequent Flyer meets Radio Burger Fuel

I had the benefit of playing at Radio Burger Fuel again. Sam Rivers and I used to jam out there back in 2014/2015. It’s great to see how far its come, giving back to the community with a DJ class run by Scizzorhands. Mix below