Infrequent Flyer meets QBacca

Bass music heavyweight Qbacca joined us to talk about the evolution of garage and bass music in the UK with an exclusive mix. Peep it.

Infrequent Flyer x Rasta Dubs

Raggastep or Reggaestep is a fusion of reggae and dubstep with a heavy dub influence. In my coming of age as a MC and DJ this is the only shit I used to bump. At the time it was hard to find online because it was online available on vinyl. But now I have the…

Infrequent Flyer’s Guide to the Jungle

Before drum and bass there was jungle; and with Jamaican diaspora came Ragga-Jungle. This playlist is dedicated to that very sound that inspired generations after!  

Infrequent Flyer meets Radio Burger Fuel

I had the benefit of playing at Radio Burger Fuel again. Sam Rivers and I used to jam out there back in 2014/2015. It’s great to see how far its come, giving back to the community with a DJ class run by Scizzorhands. Mix below

Thank the heavens for VHS to DVD recorders.

In the interesting words of Imran Yusuf (some random Indian comedian); “I was assembled using foreign parts, manufactured overseas and sent here to undercut the current workforce”. That sums me up — a South African Indian living in New Zealand.


2 rolls featuring; The Rally Against Racism BumpNGrind @Cassette9 Saying goodbye to my friend 😥 Base FM

Infrequent Flyer’s Winter Warmers Playlist

So it’s mad cold this time of year. What better way to warm up than some riddims from the warmest continent on Earth. Chuck on this afrofusion playlist and be transported.